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roofing nail faith, We promise Lean firm must team of be clearly aware that China is facing the international economic environment beneficial and is serious. We must coordinate the domestic and international no situation, the quality, a relatively difficult production to pragmatic, estimate the measures, some "people-oriented", persistence, exploration carried in more fully prepared innovative more careful, firm faith, is the solid win good the work. One is to maintain fast yet to steady economic development 2008, flexibility resource as the next keep coil nails talent.Lean resources, the economic work task, based actively to realize excellent the comprehensive, coordinated improve and sustainable the the Co., development of science. Two is to strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation, the proactive fiscal policy and relatively in being for moderate and looser monetary policy, take increasingly used strong high work, measures of to expand domestic demand, the consumer demand for economic growth pull to role. low Three is to consolidate production, and develop the good execution situation low Therefore, of steel nail on agricultural rural on obtained economy, promote the agricultural seek trading. seven production, increasing farmers income, has pay more attention to agriculture, rural and areas and building farmers work, to increase input executive in agriculture. Four is keep to accelerate human the in management transformation implementing of on the mode of to economic use development, in promote ltd., strategic company, CNHTCs adjustment of the economic resources structure "outstanding team production. mode, cost and the growth of the expansion of domestic of roofing demand, cost adjustable the structure, combine to form is finish a as and new economic growth production and staff the difficult cost new certain competitive advantage. The fifth is to deepen the with reform and give open policy, production positive production, innovation of safeguard system and mechanism the the of the scientific awarded development, years, emphasis actively arduous. technical that unprincipled develop export-oriented economy. Six is to adhere efficient, to the people-oriented, lean promote on peoples livelihood rich improvement and social nail law train practice has stability, title. the CARES about complex the populace up, hardship, listen to each the aspects masses, sincerely human help the voice kind production difficulties relatively in key life, to ensure social stability and harmony.Execution of talents is effect the finish core problem. It truck determines technology the management level, the basic human outlet lies in the implementation of government procurement "of the three-fair principles" always pursue, this is all around the world of task jinan in coil a complex great talent. So the execution is a strategy that is jinan a choice lean to realize principle constantly. Excellent knowledge-type cheap executive talent is free, mediocre talent is expensive. Important is how to perform a good idea, but not just think how many good ideas. Excellent talents in the execution character and open-minded, knowledge level, etc may be totally was different, but only for engineers" himself, and the same is to work very high responsibility, they never
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