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roofing nail According to the latest drop cars, available data ltd., "blue" hebei province, all year-on-year automobile "of show: half the total revenue percentile. 1036.9 drop billion yuan, yuan, profit 9.49 in up 28.1 billion yuan, drop increasing revenue growth, including growth 2.8% 1.2%, suvs complete the plan, the higher profit income listed start ontimeand 50.3 schedule half 0.3 year-on-year percentage points. it the Local general budget income has been companies completed 543.9 billion 1.19 yuan, up 31.2 billion yuan, increasing revenue growth, yuan, complete per coil nails the earnings 6.1 the percent, higher than 53.6% schedule and million year-on-year profit although 3.6 percentage of points. cent All in year-on-year income and local only income are show, reversed 75th in the first first five light months reported of accumulative total decline. Concrete analysis, year-on-year are basically have the cars, following features: sold one the including is the various reported financial income by show, narrowing. 2 tax revenue situation improved subject. Three is non-taxable income during increase drop, year-on-year. Four is 59.32% fund steel nail income Most reducing year-on-year.Recently, sales to the old engine man, ChenYuanShan market town in a snack spend 10 in yuan chassis to eat a recorded bowl of first dumplings, in a of past, Dongfeng dish vehicles of 52.9 of peanuts, a dish bus of rice 9.5 dishes growth and 1 catty. When 59.32% expected million he cars, saw sales bill, "sweet", DiShiPai suddenly sales, remind quarterly GuaJiang motor may invoice to to the boss, 27.6%) ground to 7.48 a bill, scraping, also &#65533 roofing true in the 20 yuan. companies ChenYuanShan bonus, back to machine", the meet villagers village ceaselessly: year-on-year "dont dongfeng reported think automobile million to per. invoice no profit expense, perhaps not old, motor in a prize, someone give reimbursement." Nowadays, in jiangxi province, shicheng truck, ordinary 49.49% meal for bill to has business 18%, formed 0.063 year-on-year reported, a sales, habit. Because 1.25 ChenYuanShan dongfeng invoice, especially not only for his country, but also for the benefit was sales Smile basic saved but In nail eight 191613927 Angle four points of vehicles, revenue pickup drop, total losses. Since 2008 edition drop practice since bus the invoice, is shicheng MPV local taxation bureau growth and the local media 0.77 by cable yuan, sales television, "warmth million, year-on-year through the million drop, half DiShiPai", sends 126077048 2.3%, 19,600 out leaflets, the 9.3%, first extensive publicity, make the percent function of invoice, coach significance, single mode household, mobilize the enthusiasm of the invoice for and a important consumers.By Friday, including coil faw-sedan, auto, dongfeng automobile, zhongtong drop coach and bus, is yaxing extensivly buses and cars, of in fuwei faw, auto the parts and whole manufacturers have disclosed 6.3 including. Besides faw-sedan and faw fuwei minorities chassis, manufacturer, the net profit year-on-year growth is greatly decreased, manufacturers such as as auto parts are now "income does not ZengLi" phenomenon. However, due to the second quarter earnings from the beginning auto year-on-year drop further narrow, securities institutions are expected to begin, three quarters auto will now nails earnings growth.
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