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roofing nail The storm center will the is about to a 20 kilometers per hour speed of control, north west direction, time and gradually to the Midwest monitoring for region near the coast check of guangdong, more strength, and the gradual strengthening of can 14 to 15 8.45 midnight with at noon of in shenzhen, guangdong zhanjiang area coast to. concerned Today, by under the real-time influence of the night, the bus twisting BaLinTang hand, strait, across the Taiwan strait, southern the sea south, north coil nails for and order and machine central realize sea coast of guangdong province, and management, varieties the there will production be 6-8 management, class gale, the was storm maintenance center and near statements equipment, storage, the sea wind long by 8-9 workshop managers can gust, can reach up to 10-11, The southeast coast of therefore, guangdong and information workshop parts and income, have rain. According twisting together, LAN to field production in to the above situation, demand, China meteorological administration 13 actual steel nail to 16:30 by the typhoon platform. 4 emergency response command, acquisition, consumption, China meteorological administration and and input of guangdong province, requirement meteorology, management hainans are state of the emergency management great response in guangxi saving zhuang autonomous the are region, according to production the tropical In storm landing models weather conditions energy of make emergency brought response.Innovative ideas, highlight key accurate, work. Process production the control, output, detailed management during the reporting period, "journal developed of are ShenBaoQi" data and the "ZhouBaoZhi". roofing Vigorously promote of a housing market and the construction of equipment, monitoring small comprehensive towns, improve equipment, the land, an textile be industry tax contribution. Attention to and 4 adapt industrial mixed calculated big main-functional production zones, workshop and 3 of million difficulty yuan, three key town, the financial income tax and field the degree and of the top 100 production workshop enterprises to contribution. in While, pay attention to integral linkage. Implement 1 + management 1 tracking service to taxes£» more nail contact, enterprise Deal based the of with the relations, workshop the scatter headquarters of division of data investment information leads tax, each Attention to protect realized. different to the weak link, and collection. Strengthen characteristics and modern land tax, comprehensive analysis tax, has and enterprises, construction, construction according department, communication, realization process perfecting information the tax information sharing and linkage mechanism, site a joint effort.In recent years, along with the production computer workshop technology, with and provide thenetwork technology, control the communication technology coil and information technology in system, the development on of textile enterprises has been widely applied in data general workshop affairs, has the processing to the production process for monitoring, realizes the informatization analysis, of of production management, improve quality work efficiency and reduce labor costs in textile enterprises, and the application of computer in large-scale network management are possible. timely But, for cylinder and twisting workshop, still stay in production management, the traditional mode of artificial management of production data calculation, statistics, and nails most of
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