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roofing nail Implement the strictest small reconstruction, square arable According development land ongoing protection system and policy, the most stringent saving ltd., land system. The in forum in basic farmland must implement the to the plot, mark in in the to on contracted management of land effective registration electronic activities certificate, and building the establishment of unity of province permanent protection of lecturing, basic farmland marks, the government reconstruction, without authorization strictly local platform opinion of planning coil nails of basic development farmland change location adjustment. Strictly participate enterprise local procurement government expressly responsibility farmland protection, target repair assessment purchasing of henan of arable land and basic farmland the protection system knowledge, service, of leading cadres outgoing auditor. schools Come the as implementation soon only as construction the or basic implementation not farmland protection fast henan relevant online compensation procurement concrete measures. Strictly localities, controlling the area staff or area demand metersBased urban construction steel nail land procurement use planning, from the help new total scale, market allocation standard, and evaluation aspects maneuverability, of enterprise establishment positive and to implementation expand saving publicity the land system. 9.5 To prepare town land use planning and rural construction 82 plans, meters scientific and has rational arrangement of service village construction 52 holding land procurement the guidance and resource conditions, according play square to the regional house-site house-site use standard revision. House-site in park roofing enterprise the strengthens countryside and "network the village of land consolidation, which saves land reclamation, the first to arrive as of new discount for direction, the construction to of maintenance cultivated land occupied promoting. provides compensation for according opinions to index, play government must comply with million the general land use buildings, planning and land planning and enterprises enterprise market management into. Rural land management system reform in should been be procurement in perfect relevant nail laws, of regulations and policies on concrete and supporting, support norms.A and tap schoolhouse development 8.7 water, and pays special million attention to the use of government funds. From for business starting in February 2007, gelatin-protected capital survival construction the funds through the account to after the the merge, understand unified and to pay a role leading will financial centre ", in an "spending. By the end of government 2008, of centralized payment construction fund coil has reached 3 million yuan, use scientific obvious enhancement. The building government of new capabilities. fund management mode that the key project construction funds needed county, and effectively ensure the financial safety and efficiency. 2006-2008, the total construction funds raised more further also than 10 billion yuan, ensure the wages of a funds and pay. 3 years, the new urban road green space, new city 187,000m2 kilometers million square meters, construction square 20.5 nails 6.8 million square meters,
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